Woman fends off attackers outside of downtown workplace

Watch this woman defend herself against two attackers

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A 67-year-old woman was attacked outside of her workplace Wednesday morning in downtown Cincinnati.

The woman, who we'll just call Mary to protect her identity, was on her way to work in the 600 block of Vine Street when the unexpected happened.

"I turned into Ruth Lyons Alley and as I approached the side entrance someone came up in back of me and grabbed my throat," explains Mary.

One suspect reportedly acted as a lookout while the other grabbed Mary around the neck and attempted to steal her purse.

"He wants my purse. I'm not going to let him have it," said Mary."They could have wrestled it from me but it was not going to be easy."

She was knocked to the ground during the struggle but managed to keep hold of her purse. Failing at their attempt, both suspects fled southbound on foot through Ruth Lyons Alley.

"If someone takes something from me. I'm not going to make it easy for them. I think it's a matter of personal preference," explains Mary. "I don't think of myself as brave, I mean, he wrestled me to the ground. I didn't jump up right away, I was stunned, but people came to my rescue and thank you for that."

Mary escaped the ordeal without injury, but she says she will never again take for granted the security of her surroundings.

Both were described as males with hoodies over their faces. Surveillance footage shows one suspect in a black hoodie, the other in a red hoodie.

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