SHERIFF: Son hatched plot to kill parents with fire

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Teen suspect, photo blurred, from Facebook
Teen suspect, photo blurred, from Facebook

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A Butler County teen is charged with attempted murder and aggravated arson after deputies say he hatched and executed a plot to harm his parents.

Crews were called to the 7100 block of Tarragon Ct. Wednesday night to put out a house fire.

When they arrived, deputies found resident Perry Simon, 50, outside of the house where he had jumped from the second story window, breaking both of his legs.

His wife, Sharon Simon, 56, escaped her second story bedroom with the help of Liberty Township fire crews and deputies. She suffered smoke inhalation.

The Simons were both transported to West Chester Medical Center.

Officers say  the couple thought their 16-year-old son was still inside the home so fire crews began to search. They didn't find the teen. Deputies say he had tied his parents' bedroom door shut, started a fire outside their door, stole his dad's car and left the scene.

The teen was tracked down a short time later. Sheriff Jones says the teen confessed, showing no remorse.

"He said something like that he was going to freak out or do something crazy. I saw it, and my reaction was just like 'oh that is just like the normal post'," said Logan Haynes, a sophomore at Lakota West High School. "I didn't think he would do something like this."

Haynes showed FOX19's Cory Stark the Facebook post the by the 16-year-old juvenile. The post was from 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, just a few hours before attempting to kill his parents, which read: "I'm so pissed at everything I'm boutta be wreckless."

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones says the juvenile had a well thought out plan that included crude drawings and a motive behind his attempt to kill his parent.

"It's not much. It's no different than your parents telling you, 'you can't do this, you can't do that.' Nothing bizarre," said Jones when asked about the motive.

Sheriff Jones and friends say the 16-year-old was an honor student and didn't have a criminal record, but friends say he often talked about hating his parents.

"It's sad, no one should ever get to the point where they have to burn down their parents. It's just awful," said Beck. "I hope he gets help. I really do."

"Now looking at how bad it was, I mean he burned down a house trying to kill his parents. That's pretty serious," said Haynes.

Haynes and his friend Andrew Fath say some kids in high school tweet or post on social media sites every 10 to 15 minutes, and it's common to see something that some people may think is alarming, but it's hard to tell if it's a sign of something bigger.

"I see my friends post stuff on there all the time about how they're going to go crazy and freak out, and I'm just like this is my friend. I know them. I don't think they're going to do anything that crazy. But somebody I don't know when they're being serious. I don't know it can turn out bad," Haynes added.

Fath says especially with so many incidents of bullying in high schools across the nation, he thinks extra monitoring of student's social media accounts from the schools or parents would help to catch warning signs. However, too much is unrealistic.

"If a school called you down for every little post that you have it would then it would just be like social media would be dead," said Fath.

Haynes says it's scary because the post from the Lakota West junior wasn't even out of the ordinary.

He's been charged with two counts of Attempted Murder and one count of Aggravated Arson. Sheriff Jones said at a news conference that he plans to press for the teen to be tried as an adult.

The teen suspect was taken into custody and is being held at the Butler County Juvenile Detention Center.

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