Dueling views of Obamacare's effects from two powerful Tri-State leaders

Gov. Beshear at Mubea in Florence, KY.
Gov. Beshear at Mubea in Florence, KY.
Speaker Boehner touring the Hamilton cement factory.
Speaker Boehner touring the Hamilton cement factory.

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - Just outside Republican Speaker John Boehner's hometown of West Chester, he toured a cement factory on the outskirts of Hamilton where he took the opportunity to tell workers why he thinks Obamacare is bad for them and the country.

"Obamacare is like a wet blanket being thrown over our economy," he said, as several rows of FinPan employees sat on chairs in front of him. Speaker Boehner told them that the president's health care plan is "driving up the cost of health insurance for millions of Americans."

Boehner also told workers here that hundreds of thousands of Americans will not be able to keep their current insurance policies because they don't meet the minimum standards of Obamacare, something FOX19 and other news organizations are finding, too. Those in that category are being forced into plans that cost more per month and have higher deductibles. And many of them feel it's a broken promise from Pres. Obama, who has repeatedly said Americans who like their current coverage will be able to keep it.

Speaker Boehner told FinPan workers to expect worse effects from Obamacare in the future.

"We've got problems with the website now," Speaker Boehner said. "But frankly, I think that's just the beginning of the issues."

During Speaker Boehner's tour of the plant, members of the media were kept so far away from him and the company official giving the tour that most of the time it was impossible to hear what they were talking about. A rope line snaked through the middle of the plant keeping photographers and reporters on one side with Speaker Boehner, Secret Service agents, and company officials on the other.

Boehner, who said FinPan offers its workers health insurance, took no questions from plant employees after quickly addressing them. He also never took questions from the media.

On the other side of the river Friday, the scene could not have been more different as Gov. Steve Beshear (D-Kentucky) chatted-up reporters at Mubea, which makes high-tech car parts and unveiled a new $60 million manufacturing facility.

Gov. Beshear said Kentucky, which has its own health insurance marketplace, has seen 300,000 people "swarming all over that website in the last three weeks." He said 26,000 people have signed-up for health coverage so far.

And he had a message for the early naysayers:

"Chill-out a little bit. Take a deep breath because it's going to work," Gov. Beshear said. "And it's going to grow. And people are going to love this because, for the first time in our lifetimes --- for the first time in our history --- every single Kentuckian will have access to affordable healthcare."

At the national level, though, the Obama Administration is still trying to defend its rollout of the rickety website that has left millions of people confused and frustrated. The man whose job it is to come in and clean-up the mess, Jeffrey Zients, told reporters Friday that healthcare.gov will be functioning smoothly by the end of November. However, that will only give Americans two weeks to sign-up for Obamacare if they want their coverage to begin on January 1.

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