Gluten-free toys, toothpaste and more

(FOX19) - For the three million Americans who suffer from Celiac disease, or the estimated 1.4 million simply on a gluten-free diet, avoiding foods with wheat, rye, or barley is a daily ritual.

But while most of us think of gluten as lurking solely in food, it also pops up in products we use every day, like medications, cosmetics, oral care, skin care, even children's toys.

Now, a growing number of these items are being marketed, or formulated, gluten-free.

Experts believe the trend is an extension of the gluten-free food frenzy, but for those with Celiac disease or non-Celiac gluten sensitivity, some of these products may be necessary.

From candles to toothpaste, find out how to decide whether a gluten-free product is hyped up or helpful, both for adults AND for children.

We'll have the full story tonight at 6:30.