Pay for what? Bank fee frenzy

(FOX19) - When it comes to banking, what is your number one gripe? FOX19 has found that bank fees are a top consumer complaint.

A flat $25 per month fee so your bank won't charge you each time you use an out-of-network ATM machine - That's just one new fee popping up at some financial institutions.

Another includes a $5 fee to replace a missing debit card, or a $20 fee if you want that card rushed.

One more is a charge to use a human teller. The last one stunned Dave Alexander.

"I just said, Is it April Fool's, or what's going on? They said, No, that's, you know, recent bank policy," explains Alexander.

Alexander is not the only one fed up with fees. In fact, a consumer investigation revealed that a growing number of bank fees is a major complaint.

"There is all different kinds of little fees and every bank is a little bit different. Some of these fees are being put forward by big national banks; some of them are small banks and credit unions," says Claes Bell of

Some of the new fees found banks charging:

  • For a buck a month, customers can go straight to the front of the line, skipping other callers on hold.
  • It could cost customers another dollar to get an ATM mini statement printout.

Shocked? Well, perhaps you shouldn't be.

Banks say they disclose all of their fees. All of the fees are included in the documents customers receive when they open an account as well as in disclosures that show up in the mail. But be aware: If mail regarding a customer's checking account is sent back to the bank, customers could see a $6.00 fee for that as well.

"Banks are really struggling to find ways to make money off their checking deposits so they're experimenting with new things," says Bell.

The American Bankers Association (ABA) points out that 59 percent of consumers pay no banking fees at all. The ABA adds that those who do pay the fees are usually doing it for the convenience.

"Baby boomers apparently like an all in one fee, whereas Gen Y, Gen X, like to build their own," explains Nessa Feddis of the ABA. "They want the basics and then they'll pay extra for what they want."

Experts say that if you don't like the fees at your bank, shop around and find a new place for your money. However, individuals seeking a new bank should be cautious. Some banks will hit customers with a $25 fee to close an account within six months of opening it.

Alexander did not pay the teller fee and has a message for banks. ""Enough is enough.  I just won't be nickeled and dimed to death."

The ABA says there are plenty of free checking accounts out there.

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