Jury reaches verdict in ex-Colerain teacher's sex trial

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A jury convicted ex-teacher Julie Hautzenroeder on one count of sexual battery after allegations arose last year that she had an inappropriate relationship with two students while she was a teacher at Colerain High School.

Hautzenroeder, 36, was indicted in July on two counts of sexual battery. The indictment alleged that Hautzenroeder had sexual contact with two different students between April 26 and May 15 of this year.

The trial stretched the week, with testimony from the alleged victims, friends and Hautzenroeder herself.

The students took the stand on Tuesday and for several hours, Hautzenroeder listened to what two of her former students had to say about having sex with her.

Student: She said something like, I am not going to do this unless it's with the both of you.

Prosecutor: And what happened at that point?

Student: Then we just sat there for a minute and she got on top of me.

Prosecutor: Did you have sex with her at that point.

Student: Yes sir.

But even before the alleged sex acts happened, the students say Hautzenroeder, known to her students as Ms. Hautz, offered them vodka and supplied marijuana for them to smoke.

Student: She said that she had some and wanted to know if we wanted to smoke it with her.

Prosecutor: What did you say?

Student: Yes.

The student testified that Hautzenroeder began massaging his neck while watching TV. He then asked if she wanted to have sex. The student states that he and his best friend went into Hautzenroeder's bedroom around 2 a.m. He says he had sex with her, which the student claims was his first time.

Afterwards, the student says he went to the bathroom. When he came back to the bedroom, he states he saw Hautzenroeder giving oral sex to his friend.

Student: I got back in bed and laid down and tried to go to sleep.

The boys say that Hautzenroeder's young daughter was home when the alleged acted took place. They say they slept in the condo. In the morning, the boys say that Hautzenroeder made bacon and took them home.

Hautzenroeder's defense attorney, Stewart Matthews, repeatedly asked the boys about their continuous drug use, lying about the incident and about instigating sex.

Defense Attorney: I believe you testified that you developed this fantasy about having sex with a teacher, is that right?

Student: Yes sir. 

Hautzenroeder says the night of Friday, May 3, she was hanging out with 19-year-old Stephanie Kessel.

Hautzenroeder says it was Kessel who wanted the two 16-year-old boys to come over, and it was Kessel who picked them up to come back to Hautzenroeder's condo.

"I did eventually give in but said I wasn't going to go get them and that she was going to have to be responsible for taking them home," says Hautzenroeder.

Hautzenroeder says alcohol was present in her home, but she never offered it to the boys. She says the teens also brought over marijuana and smoked it on the porch.

"I did not smoke marijuana," claims Hautzenroeder.

Hautzenroeder says Kessel then went home, leaving the boys at her condo.

She says she went to her bedroom closet to change into her pajamas. When she came out, she saw both boys had undressed down to their boxers.

"I was shocked, I couldn't believe they were standing there with an expectation that something was going to happen," says Hautzenroeder.

Hautzenroeder broke down in tears when describing what happened next.

"[He] started kissing me and made sexual advances towards me and I stopped him," says Hautzenroeder. "I said this could not happen."

Hautzenroeder says the boys kept pressuring her. To get them to stop, she says she performed a sex act with a sex toy. She says she then went to sleep on the couch, while the boys slept in her bed.

According to Hautzenroeder, that wasn't the end of the boys' persistence. Later that night, she says one of the boys climbed on top of her asking to have sex.

"I said you either get back into that room or get the **** out of my house right now," says Hautzenroeder

Hautzenroeder says she never forced the boys to go home and didn't take them home herself because she had been drinking.

The prosecution showed the interview Hautzenroeder did with detectives and says she left out many of these details in that interview.

The prosecution also says her testimony and the text messages that she sent to one of the boys phones do not add up.

She's charged with two counts of sexual battery. The prosecution and defense made their closing arguments Thursday and handed the case to the jury.

Sorting through two very different stories they heard in court, the jury deliberated for about two hours but did not reach a verdict on Thursday, instead the verdict was reached Friday afternoon.

"Parents don't send their kids to school for this type of nonsense. It's just total and complete nonsense. The marijuana. The playing with the sex toys in front of the students. Again, I don't understand. I don't know where society is going," said Judge Norbert Nadal.

The judge decided in court on Friday to delay Hautzenroeder's sentencing until December 11 but she could face up to five years in jail.

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