Changing the date of Halloween

(FOX19) - The bad weather anticipated for Thursday is putting a damper on Halloween. More and more communities are starting to push it to Friday.

But in Miami Township, officials are planning on having Halloween on Thursday.

"Trying to change the date is not as easy as I think most people wish it would be," says Larry Fronk.

Miami Township administrator Larry Fronk says logistically there's a lot of planning behind Halloween.

"Our police and our fire department are geared up with their staff whatever overtime with officers they need to bring on, and they're ready to go out on Thursday night," explains Fronk.

Fronk says spreading the word to the public on such late notice is also a challenge.

"We might be able to reach some of them, we might be able to reach half of them but we're not going to reach all of them and so we're going to have people going out on Thursday we're going to have people going out on Friday and it really is going to cause confusion," explains Fronk.

One local parent says even if they did decide to make the switch to Friday, she's confident the majority of people would get the memo.

"Social networking is crazy so you don't have to advertise anymore. You just go to something on Facebook, Instagram, whatever," explains Laura Baker.

Laura Baker supports pushing the date because it's not smart for kids to be running around outside when it's storming.

"Friday night, Saturday so that it is not as dangerous with the kids and traffic, it's already an issue," says Baker.

Fronk says they've never changed the date of trick or treating due to weather during his time with the city, but if they do decide to make any adjustments, they plan to update the community immediately.

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