Suspect in brutal Florence robbery has extensive criminal history

Shell clerk's brutal attack captured on surveillance

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A suspect has been arrested in a Florence convenience store robbery that left a clerk facing paralysis. And it's not his first run in with the law.

Florence Police say the suspect, now identified as Edward Sayee Dahn, tried to use the ATM inside the Shell station but his card was denied.

After leaving the store and coming back inside, police say Dahn approached the clerk, identified as Kanubai Patel, and attempted to stab and slash him with what appeared to be a small knife.

During the struggle, police say Patel, 67, was able to absorb the majority of the blows with his jacket. The security video shows the suspect putting Patel in a choke hold which caused a serious injury to Patel's neck.

Doctors told Patel's family after the incident that he may be paralyzed. The suspect then reportedly stole Patel's wallet and left the store but returned a short time later and with Patel immobilized, repeatedly demanded the keys to Patel's vehicle, a 2009 Toyota Camry with KY registration 622 JDG.

Covington Police found Dahn in possession of Patel's stolen Camry early Friday morning. Dahn, 20 of Florence, was taken to the Kenton County jail where he faces felony robbery and theft charges.

Dahn previously served two weeks in jail for stealing a Nissan Murano and driving it under the influence last August. According to Elizabeth Goodenough-Riddle and her husband, the owners of the car, he also wrecked it. They believe Dahn should have been given a stiffer penalty than 15 days.

"They could have charged him with felony criminal mischief. They could have charged him with other things which could have given him a longer sentence," said Goodenough.

Taking a further look into Dahn's criminal history, you'll find charges including 1st degree burglary, multiple DUI's, kidnapping, and criminal trespassing.

Goodenough says she's frustrated the prosecutor's office didn't take Dahn's prior record more seriously. It will cost $8,000 to fix damages to their car, but that's minor compared to the Florence store clerk, Kanubai Patel, and his family.

"The hardships that they're going to have because of what he did. I did can't believe it got to this point, and he was able to commit another crime more violent than the last," Goodenough told FOX19.

We reached out to the Boone County prosecutor's office for comment. They said there's many different reasons why they charge individuals, and it's taken case by case, but they couldn't offer any specific detail into Dahn's record.

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