A $10 Million Touchdown

SpaceShipOne declared the winner

There's a winner in a unique race-into-space. Organizers of the ten million dollar Ansari X Prize -- which goes to the developers of a manned private space-plane that can make it into space twice in as many weeks -- say the goal was reached this morning.

SpaceShipOne was again carried into the skies by a mother plane -- and then, at an altitude of 46-thousand feet, it was on its own. Its rocket engine carried it the rest of the way -- and the founders of the X-Prize say the plane again rose to an altitude of more than 62 miles.

The pilot this time was Brian Binnie -- who said afterward that he thanks God that he lives "in a country where this is possible." Last week's flight -- with pilot Michael Melvill on board -- included an unintended roll as the plane neared space. This time, there appeared to be no problems.