Family left homeless after fire dealt another tragedy

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - A Covington man burned out of his home during a massive fire has died.

Nineteen people were displaced when fire tore through a vacant house at 126 Martin Street last week. The blaze quickly spread to three other homes, destroying two of them.

One of those displaced families has suffered yet another tragedy.

Melvin Golden, 58, was known as a hard worker who would do anything for his family. Golden was already in frail health from a stroke six years ago, so there was little doctors at St. Elizabeth Hospital could do for Melvin who had yet another stroke Friday morning.

Glolden's daughter, Niki, described her father in distress.

"He woke up this morning. He was screaming 'my back, my back' and by the time I got over there, he was basically dead," she stated. Niki says her father had died by the time an ambulance got him to the hospital.

Paralyzed by a stroke in 2007, Niki says Melvin needed help to escape last week's blaze.

"They had to go in and rescue him. They didn't have any time like to get him dressed or anything," Niki told FOX19.

Melvin and the rest of the family have been traumatized by the fire.

"They lost everything, everything. All his medications, his hospital bed was ruined," she said.

Niki says even with help from the Red Cross, life after the fire is difficult.

"It was so stressful for him when we had no services to help us move him from the Travel Lodge to the new apartment," she explained. "We actually had to strap him and ride him in the back of the truck. He just cried and cried and said he didn't want to go to a nursing home, and we finally got him moved in the day before yesterday."

Melvin was not injured in the house fire, but the family says losing all of his possessions crushed his spirit.

The Golden family is having difficulty paying for Melvin's burial so a fund has been set up at Merchant's Bank of Hyde Park.

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