Letters from a FOX19 intern: "Never a typical day"

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Interning for FOX19 hasn't been a typical internship. It's not grabbing coffee, making cold calls, or being ignored and spoken to like a child. In fact, I feel my opinion is valued, and I'm gaining more experience and information than I ever thought possible from this job. What I have enjoyed the most is that there has been no "typical" day.

I report to a different person or department each day. The tasks vary from producer, reporter, editor, photographer, web, assignment desk, or sports. Each position is drastically different but it is important that each division work as a team to put a newscast together.

Working the web, as I'm doing today, has immensely improved my writing skills. I've learned how to write the 'nuts and bolts' to reflect the most important information. This is significantly different than all of the writing that I do in college. Often there is a two, or even twenty page minimum, to embellish and give every detail and aspect of a topic extensive coverage.

Interning has given me the opportunity to write about city events and awards, crashes and crimes, as well as the Bengals and more. I've been excited to see most of it published online. While my name may not be in the byline, I know that Digital Media Staff, sometimes, is actually me, and trust me, I make sure my friends and family know which articles I contributed. For example, Bengals make roster changes, was the first article that I wrote that was posted, unchanged.

Given the opportunity to help in a tangible way has been the best part of this internship. I never feel that I am given filler work, but that what I get assigned has real purpose. My ideas aren't shut down, but given consideration. For example, I read press releases that I personally deemed important for the community websites and was allowed to post them. This may not seem earth shattering, but as an intern it is awesome to realize you're finally catching on and learning what is important in the world of news.

Yes, occasionally I feel like I'm memorizing Fox19.com, but, even in those moments I'm trying to determine the difference in the writing that I see online verses my own. Gradually I'm seeing less and less of a difference and that makes me proud. I try to utilize my time because every moment can be a learning opportunity.

Now I must go back to writing stories and asking "anything else for me to do" about a million more times!

Stephanie – The Intern (University of Cincinnati 2014)