Keno launches Monday in Kentucky

(FOX19) - Beginning Monday, lottery players will have access to a new game at Kentucky restaurants, bars and grocery stores.

Keno, a lotto-style game where players try to match numbers drawn every five minutes by the lottery, was launched in nearly 400 retail establishments across the Commonwealth.

The lottery randomly draws 20 numbers between one and 80 for each drawing. Players choose how many numbers they wish to try to match per draw, and win cash prizes depending on the number of spots they play and match.

Prizes for a $1 wager range from $2 for matching one number in the one spot game, to $100,000 for matching 10 numbers in the 10 spot game. The winning numbers are shown on monitors at retailers.

The $1 game first began in 1991 and is now available in 14 states. It accounts for more than $3 billion in sales annually across America.

A list of Keno retailers can be found at

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