New year, 3 new Cincinnati City Council members

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There's a shakeup in the newest Cincinnati City Council. Out of 21 candidates, there's three new faces.

The leading vote getter is P.G. Sittenfeld (D) who took in 10,000 more votes than the second place vote getter. The new additions to Cincinnati's city council are David Mann (D), Kevin Flynn (I) , and Amy Murray (R). Those returning to council are Sittenfeld (D), Charlie Winburn (R), Yvette Simpson (D), Chris Seelbach (D), Christopher Smitherman (D), and Wendell Young (D).

Two incumbents were not re-elected. Laure Quinlivan who's served on city council for four years, finished 10th. Pamela Thomas finished 13th. Thomas served on council earlier this year to fill in for her husband, Cecil, who stepped down.

Here's the full list of the results…

  1. PG Sittenfeld
  2. C. Winburn
  3. D. Mann
  4. Y. Simpson
  5. C. Seelbach
  6. C. Smitherman
  7. W. Young
  8. K. Flynn
  9. A. Murray
  10. L. Quinlivan
  11. G. Landsman
  12. M. Dillingham
  13. P. Thomas
  14. V. White
  15. S. Malone
  16. M. Wegman
  17. S. Butler
  18. M. Moroski
  19. A. Beamon
  20. K. Johnson
  21. T. Dornbusch

One big change this year is that the nine elected council-members will serve four year terms instead of two. Residents voted in favor of this issue last year. Supporters of this change say it gives council a chance to invest in bigger and better projects. Those opposed said keeping it every two years would hold council more responsible.

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