Ubahn: Cincinnati's first underground music fest

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There's an underutilized transit center beneath the streets of downtown Cincinnati, so why not use it for the city's first underground music festival?

That same question sparked Ubahn Fest, an underground hip-hop and electronic music festival happening this weekend.

Headliners A-TRAK and Mike Posner will join several other DJs, emcees and thousands of music lovers in the Metro Transit Center below Second Street. The name 'Ubahn' is German for underground transit, which is quite fitting considering Cincinnati's heritage and the location of the event.

Josh Heuser of AGAR, an Ubahn Fest sponsor, said it was something he's always wanted to do. The space itself is unique, it has all the features to be a music venue, and if it rains - the show will still go on.

While Cincinnati has MidPoint, Bunbury and Macy's Music Fest, unique events like Ubahn help create more buzz, more love, more interest for our town. And that's something any Queen City native is pumped about.

Ubahn Fest is sponsored by AGAR, Self Diploma and Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.

One day tickets are $20 and two day tickets are $30. You can book them on ubhanfest.com and follow the event on Facebook.com/ubahnfest and @UbhanFest.

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