OTR residents weigh impact of derailing streetcar

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As workers build the streetcar line rail-by-rail, the anticipation of the project's completion builds. For some, the idea of stopping the streetcar is unthinkable.

"I think it will have a huge impact on the future development of Over-the-Rhine because the streetcar is not about moving people. It's really a tool for economic development," explains Jean-Francious Flechet of OTR's Taste of Belgium.

For business owners like Flechet and Shane Scott, of Cincy By the Slice, the streetcar is good for the city.

"I know as far as the city progressing and revitalization it's great, you know, we're all looking forward to it down here," says Scott.

Many OTR residents say the streetcar can only enhance the city's image.

"Cincinnati's reputation is really on the upswing right now and a protracted debate or a cancellation of the streetcar would really undermine that great shining star that we have on the national scene right now," says OTR resident Margy Waller.

"If they've already spent $22 million dollars and this is something that would attract people to live down here, then I hope that it keeps going," explains Sarah Baker, another resident of OTR.

Even some John Cranley supporters favor the continuation of the streetcar project.

"It's so easy for some politicians to get into one issue campaigning," says Robert Trevino, who voted for Cranley. "I voted for him for a lot of other reasons, but I disagree with him on trying to shut down the streetcar."

The Cranley campaign has long said that Cincinnati can't afford the streetcar. However, supporters argue that the project is something the city can't afford to stop.

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