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Former Marine victim of costly Murfreesboro burglary


After an evening having a few alcoholic beverages, a former Marine and his friends tried to do the right thing by calling a taxi to go out to party on Halloween night.

But the man ended up being a victim of a car break-in, where tens of thousands of dollars in cash and other items were stolen, including a rare, very expensive watch.

Timothy Waggoner, 29, of Murfreesboro, found the trunk of his 2006 BMW pried open a few hours after, returning to a friend's home from a Halloween party at a Murfreesboro bar.

"This whole latch is broken," Waggoner said, while looking at the damage.

It's what was taken from the trunk of his car, including his luggage, brief case, laptop and wallet that have him upset.

"My Wounded Warrior bag with my dog tags, I had those the entire time I was in the military, they were sentimental to me," he said. "And there were pictures my kids drew for me. I take them everywhere I go."

The former Marine who served in both Afghanistan and Iraq said he and five of his friends wanted to do the responsible thing by not driving that night.

"We were all having too much to drink, and so we wanted to take a cab and be safe," he said.

Before they left, he said he went to the trunk of his car twice and took out money to pay for the cab ride and the night out on the town. He said there was something about the taxi that wasn't right.

"It was a late model Lincoln Navigator, and it had 'Classy Taxi' written in window paint," he said. "It had no meter."

Sometime during the night, a mysterious car drove down the street and stopped near Waggoner's vehicle.

A neighbor's surveillance camera captured it all on video.

The suspect, at one point on the video, is spooked when a neighbor returns home and is then seen walking up the street, before later unloading the victim's trunk and leaving.

"On the video, the person just walked straight up to my trunk and didn't stop at any other car and didn't look at anything else," Waggoner said. "He just walked directly to my car and went directly to town on my car, didn't check the doors, as if they knew what was in there and what they were after."

Waggoner has his theory about who stole his stuff, but he would rather wait until an arrest is made before giving his opinion.

Police do have a few leads, and a possible suspect. Now, they are urging folks to park smart.

"It's never a good idea to leave a large sum of cash, electronics or jewelry inside a vehicle," said Murfreesboro police spokesperson Sgt. Kyle Evans. "They are easy to break into even if you take all the precautions of locking your doors and locking your windows."

Detectives took a look at the video and interviewed Waggoner on Wednesday.

He said he's not concerned about the $5,000 in cash that was taken. It's his rare watch worth $50,000 he would love to have back.

"A very rare time piece, my Breitling, was taken. It's only one of 52 in the entire world, so I hope to get that back," Waggoner said.

Waggoner said he had prepared for a trip to Florida, so that's why he had the large amount of cash and other personal items loaded in his trunk.

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