Flu Vaccine Shortage Impacts Tri-State - Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Flu Vaccine Shortage Impacts Tri-State

A spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Health says local health departments will not suffer because of the flu vaccine shortage. Ohio has a contract with the Aventis Corporation and not Chiron Corporation. Chiron's CEO announced Tuesday his company is not being allowed to ship any vaccine to the United States from it's British facility. That means the customary 90 million U.S. doses will be cut in half. A Kentucky Department of Health spokesperson says he's not sure what percentage of his state's annual supply comes from Chiron. In Indiana the state believes 50% of its supply was to come from Chiron. Doctors say in response to the shortage healthy adult Americans may need to skip their flu shots this year. Manufacturing problems caused British officials to pull Chiron's license. U.S. Officials now are trying to make sure the remaining vaccine first gets to at-risk patients.
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