Another side of Pacman Jones

Another side of Adam "Pacman" Jones

(FOX19) - Tonight on the FOX19 10 O'Clock News, Tricia Macke Wxix sits down with Adam "Pacman" Jones. 

Tricia talked with Jones about his rough upbringing, legal problems and his second chance with the Bengals.

Adam "Pacman" Jones has a tough life growing up. Dad wasn't in the picture so his mom and grandma raised him.

Jones grew up in the inner city of Bankhead, Boat Rock. His father was killed after a robbery. It happened in front of their apartment when Jones was at a young age.

Jones remembers hearing the shots fire outside of their Boat Rock apartment.

"I didn't actually get to see when he got shot, but I did get to see him lying down, I seen when they taped off everything. And growing up I carried a lot of that anger with me, as a youth growing up," said Jones.

Even after those hard time, Jones strives to be a role model for his community. There have even been rumors that Jones no longer wants to go by the nickname "Pacman."

Jones was nicknamed Pacman by his mother at a young age.

"I used to go to the bottle when I was hungry and go 'pa-pa-pa-pa' so she came up with the idea Pacman cause she used to play it all the time also. But, no, my teammates all call me Pac, but as far as media wise, I prefer Adam, because the Pac still carries on the baggage," said Jones.

Jones says he still gets a rush when he sees his fans cheering for him the stadium.

"It's amazing, from where I come from it gives me chills right now to know that like, wow, you know, that's my goal right now to teach younger kids it's so much bigger than me, no matter where you come from or what the situation was, or however you want to say it, it's way bigger," said Jones.

Jones said the coolest thing that has happened to him, besides getting drafted, was when he won a million dollars in Las Vegas within two and half hours.

Jones says he was "playing craps. Besides getting drafted, getting drafted was the coolest, I take that back. Getting drafted the first defensive player being picked, being out of the inner city, Boat Rock. It was unbelievable."

Jones has come a long way from his rough childhood in Boat Rock. Macke asks what he would tell kids. "I would make sure I tell, just love life, respect others, walk around with a smile," said Jones.

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