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Car with suspicious device near Midway school towed away


Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes says a suspicious device area has been given the all-clear and the car that contained that device has been towed away.

Parents picked up their children who attend Liberty Elementary School.

Midway Middle School was evacuated Wednesday morning due to a suspicious device found in a car. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Liberty County Sheriff's Office responded.

Sikes said their office received a call about a possible bomb at the middle school, which is just off of U.S. Hwy 84 and U.S.-17.

The sheriff said a car that was stolen out of Savannah had a device in it with all the appearances of a bomb, with wires and butane tank, and was in the woodline behind the middle school. He said they took all precautionary measures as if it was one.

"The children are my first concern. Actually, when the bank robbery call came in, I was on scene where the kids were, and I stayed there with them. We made sure that all those kids were evacuated first and foremost," Sikes said.

Superintendent Dr. Valya S. Lee told WTOC that Midway Middle School was evacuated and Liberty Elementary School was put on lockdown, and that there was no immediate danger.

The sheriff said the GBI bomb disposal unit blew out the windows and trunk of the car to gain access of the devices and dispose of it safely.

Middle school students were taken to the high school. Any students still on school buses were taken to Liberty County High School where parents could pick them up.

Alexis Barnes was one of the many students evacutated from Midway Middle school.

She said she was frightened during the whole thing. "We started walking out of the cafeteria and went to the big field right over here. we walked all the way down here and we stayed here for about 20 minutes and they got us on the buses and they took us to the high school."

Lee said the school district called parents to alert them about the situation. Parents waited to hear about their children on Edgewater Drive, which is where the elementary school and the middle school are located.

Parents say they didn't receive the phone call alert until 10 a.m. and they wanted to know sooner.

"I would have thought I would have gotten a phone call already this morning, but you know, I'm glad theyre taking care of things," said parent Katie Horn.

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