Cranley announces resignation of city manager

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Mayor-elect John Cranley announced the resignation of city manager Milton Dohoney during an impromptu press conference on Wednesday evening.

As part of the deal , Dohoney will receive one year of severance pay which totals more than $250 thousand.

During his campaign for mayor, Cranley said only that he would interview Dohoney for the same position.

The two disagree on major city issues such as the streetcar project and the parking lease, both of which Cranley hopes to end.

The announcement was made on Wednesday night during an impromptu press conference on Fountain Square. The press conference was held in response to reports that Dohoney was asked to resign or be fired. Cranley tells FOX19 these reports are untrue.

Dohoney's resignation will take place on December 1 when Cranley takes office.

FOX19 has attempted to reach out to Dohoney. So far, Dohoney has not responded.

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