FOX19 Investigates: Former Covington official accused of stealing for 11 years

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - While being held at the Kenton County Detention Center, a grand jury indicted former Covington finance director Bob Due on 15 counts that include charges he stole the city's money for 11 years and forged documents. That's a much longer period than had been previously disclosed.

The indictment, obtained by FOX19 not long after the grand jury handed it up Thursday afternoon, accuses Due of beginning to steal taxpayer money as early as January 2002, only about three years after starting the job. In the grand jury's words, "…the Defendant intentionally dealt with the public money or property as the Defendant's own, and failed to make the required payment or disposition; and the value of said money and/or property was in excess of $100,000..."

In fact, former colleagues tells FOX19 they believe he stole at least $600,000. The grand jury never goes into specific figures in the indictment.

The 15 counts against him mean that if a jury finds Due guilty at trial, a judge could sentence him to 85 years in prison. At the age of 63, prosecutors wouldn't have to get a conviction on many counts to effectively win a life sentence against Due. And that will likely strengthen their hand in any plea negotiations.

Due pleaded not guilty to similar charges in August.

But it's Due's personal troubles outside the courtroom that have kept him in the headlines. According to authorities, he has tried to kill himself twice, once in August and once in September. In the most recent incident, Covington Police say Due tried to stab himself to death.

After his second suicide attempt, Due's bond was revoked and he was sent to jail, where he remains.

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