Cranley shaking things up in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - In the ten days since voters elected John Cranley as Cincinnati's next mayor, he's made a major impact on the city.

He's already made his mark on the streetcar project, city parking plan, and in the city manager's office and it's clear years worth of projects are now turned upside down.

John Cranley soaked up this moment on election night, and he understands his work is ahead of him.

"We're going to focus on the priorities that we think will get this city back together," said Cranley.

One priority, and probably the most controversial is to stop the streetcar, something he says will happen when he takes office.

"There is a huge clamor for wanting to live downtown, wanting to live in Over-The-Rhine and the streetcar is only going to further that," says Katy Crossen.

"When I heard he was going to try and put a halt to the streetcar, that made me jump on board," explains Lonnie McKinney.

Cranley says he'd rather focus on basic services such as police and fire, and our schools rather than this multi-million dollar project.

"I don't really think it's a good idea because of all the money they're spending on it," adds McKinney.

But there's thousands of streetcar supporters who say this project isn't dead, and the pros outweigh the cons.

"Conservative estimates say that the Streetcar is going to bring back $2.50 for every dollar spent and that's money that's going to all 52 neighborhoods," explains Crossen.

Then, the privatized parking plan. Mayor Mallory led the initiative to create additional sources of revenue, but about a year's worth of planning between the city and the Port Authority is now squashed, and some residents are thrilled with Cranley's prompt decision fearing higher meter fees and longer enforcement hours.

"Wow that happened quick, for the independent small business here, I think it's great news," states Kevin Neal.

Cranley and city manager Milton Dohoney disagree on these two major issues.

So as part of a mutual agreement, on Wednesday Cranley announced the resignation of the city's top administrator who's been with the city since 2006. This is just the latest major development with the city since the election.

Cranley says the reason behind all these decisions so quickly is because the voters expect for him to live up to his promises. He'll be sworn in on December 1st.

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