Crossroads church donating $20,000 for Philippines Typhoon Relief

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Crossroads Church officials announced at services this weekend that they are donating $20,000 for typhoon relief in the Philippines through Hope Force International, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to disaster response.

Hope Force International is comprised of individuals who are committed to utilizing their expertise to inspire, equip and mobilize thousands of trained volunteers into areas of crisis around the world.

"The people of Crossroads give generously and we want to reflect that generosity through giving outside of ourselves to others in need," said Tim Senff, director of ReachOut for Crossroads. "We don't wait to take special offerings but immediately give outside of our regular budget, because we want to provide relief as soon as we can."

Crossroads regularly gives to disaster relief and other causes locally and globally as part of their operating budget.

They have given $150,000 for Indian Ocean tsunami relief; $150,000 for Hurricane Katrina relief; $120,000 for Haiti earthquake relief; $25,000 for Hurricane Isaac relief and nearly $20,000 toward helping families affected by the the Moscow, OH, tornado.

This year, the church tried an experiment, asking their community to eat beans and rice for a week and donate the money they saved in grocery/restaurant bills for several important causes.

The results were a total of $377,036.06 collected and given directly to specific initiatives: $65,000 was given to Cincinnati Recreation Foundation for Cincinnati pools; $150,000 to Strive Partnership's Preschool Promise and $162,036.06 to Compassion International's Unsponsored Children's Fund.

"We want to be a blessing to our city and our world," said Senff. "We are grateful that the people of Crossroads enable this kind of generosity."

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