Horse Meat Ad Hoax

Ads for restaurant serving horse steaks were hoax

An animal rescue group in southwest Ohio has admitted it created an advertising campaign for a fictitious restaurant serving horse meat to win support for its efforts to save horses from slaughter. Second Chance ran the ads for the nonexistent Red Derby restaurant in local newspapers and radio stations in southwest Ohio.

Officials at the nonprofit group say response to the ads included hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and even death threats. Second Chance President Howard King admitted the hoax at a news conference at Paramount's Kings Island yesterday. He said the campaign for a fake restaurant serving horse-steak hamburgers, which is legal in Ohio, was designed by Barefoot Advertising of Cincinnati. King and Second Chance founder Alice Crow hope the ads will motivate people to donate money to their organization. Crow says more than 150-thousand horses are slaughtered each year in the United States for human consumption in other countries.