Scuba Santa unveils exotic gifts to Newport Aquarium

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - A couple of large boxes were delivered to the Newport Aquarium, an early Christmas present to the aquarium from Scuba Santa.

A pair of large white wooden crates – each measuring more than 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall – sat outside of the aquarium since November 8, leaving many wondering what Scuba Santa would deliver this Christmas.

On Tuesday, Scuba Santa revealed his gifts to the public: A pair of rare white American Alligators.

The white alligators, Snowball and Snowflake, will call the Rainforest Exhibit their home throughout the Water Wonderland experience, which runs November 29 through January 1.

Each gator measures roughly six feet in length, with the female Snowflake weighing approximately 65 pounds and the male Snowball weighing 85 pounds. In Newport Aquarium's constant efforts to offer guests more new to see and do, Snowflake and Snowball are two of less than approximately 100 known white alligators in the world.

"Because of their lack of camouflage and sensitivity to UV rays, white alligators have a low survival rate in the wild," said Ric Urban, Animal Ambassador. "Our ability to display these two rare animals in a well-lit area while shielding them from dangerous UV rays in the Rainforest Exhibit provides our guests with a very unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these two natural wonders."

Scuba Santa and his magical underwater sleigh, seahorses and Pixie the elf will delight and amaze while inside a 385,000-gallon tank filled with tiger sharks, zebra sharks, stingrays, four rare and exotic shark rays, as well as a very curious 200-pound loggerhead sea turtle named Denver.

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