Katy Morgan discusses breast cancer screening for younger women

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Since FOX19 began its pink campaign more than two years ago, Katy Morgan has been able to meet with many breast cancer survivors.

Meeting these survivors has helped Morgan become more aware of the risks. For most women Morgan's age, breast cancer is thought of something that only happens to much older women. Dr. Beth Shaughnessy disagrees.

"I'm not sure if it's because people are hesitant to talk about it, because of a social stigma, but it tends to present it's case too that the younger women tend to have a more aggressive form of cancer," says Dr. Shaughnessy.

According Shaughnessy, young women tend to have a triple negative breast cancer, which can more difficult to treat.
"I think you have to be your own advocate in this re guard and if something persists you need to have someone take care."  Shaughnessy says you can do that in three ways: 
  • Diet: Try to reduce the amount of processed carbohydrates like breads, cakes and cookies.
  • Exercise: You don't have to lose weight, just stay fit. Active exercise reduces the circulating markers of the risk. 
  • History: Be aware of family history so that you can seek genetic counseling and testing.

To learn more about Dr. Beth Shaughnessy, visit www.healthnews.uc.edu

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