Hamilton kids found living in 'unfit' conditions

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A neighbor finds a baby alone in an alley in Hamilton.

When police found the child's home, they found another disturbing discovery - four more children living in filthy conditions.

Eddie Webb says Tuesday started like every other day, walking his dog. But then he heard a baby in a nearby alley crying uncontrollably.

"So I walk up to her I say 'baby are you okay where are your parents?' Nobody is around," explains Eddie Webb. "I start hollering 'hey there's a baby out here anybody out here.' I was just frantic."

Webb quickly called police and his fiance.

"He says get up out of bed, get dressed, I have found a baby," says Webb's fiance, Melina Mooney. "I said you have found a what? I went around to where he was at, he was there and it broke my heart with that baby in his coat."

"I picked her up to hold her and I mean her little hands they were so cold I could feel them through my jacket and my other jacket," says Webb.

Webb say the toddler even had something strange in her hand.

"I picked up the baby took the cup out of her hand and I looked at it and it was beer in a cup," adds Webb.

Webb says the toddler must have been outside for a few hours. However, Nicholas Latta, the father who lives at the home, disagrees.

"Maybe ten minutes, maybe ten minutes tops, maybe less than that I don't know," says Latta.

Hamilton police quickly responded and described the inside as "unlivable." The home was without electricity and running water. The home had inadequate food, and even a five gallon bucket of feces in the main bathroom.

FOX19's cameras went inside the parents house but that was roughly 36 hours after police surveyed the scene. Latta says it's clearly not as bad.

"We got this heater, and this heats up to 1500 square feet, you can clearly see there's food in here, we just got our utilities turned on today and these are what we have left over," says Latta.

Neighbors say there's been problems at this house for a long time, but Melinda Mooney and her fiance say they get emotional thinking about what could have happened to that little girl.

"He is a hero, I mean he saved her life. I don't think anybody else would have found her, I really don't," explains Mooney.

Child services took the children on Tuesday and now they're in the care of relatives. The toddler was taken to a local hospital. There is no word yet on her condition.

No charges have been filed in the case but police say there is an open investigation into child endangerment.

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