"Manly jobs" still not returning, 4 years after recession's end

CINCINNATI (FOX19/CNN) - It's been four years since the Great Recession ended. But many jobs traditionally filled by men aren't coming back. Although women have made huge gains, men have only gotten back about 70 percent of the jobs they lost.

The construction industry --- a male-dominated field --- was the hardest-hit sector during the recession. 25 percent of construction workers were unemployed. And many of those jobs have not come back.

It's a similar story in manufacturing. More than 2 million factory jobs have been cut since 2007. Automakers and other manufacturers are hiring. But many of their jobs have changed, relying now on more technology. So the workers who were cut still might not be able to find work.

The jobs picture is much better for women. They lost 2.8 million positions during the Great Recession but have gotten back those jobs and then some, to the tune of 2.9 million positions today. However, women tend to earn less and not occupy as many executive jobs as men. So the jobs picture isn't perfect.

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