Community turns to Amazon shoppers for financial help

PRICE HILL (FOX19) - It's the biggest holiday shopping week of the year.

For those of you avoiding the Black Friday headaches, shopping online can really pay off for one Cincinnati neighborhood.

If you buy something from Amazon, you can kick back part of your bill to benefit Price Hill Will, a group working to better the Price Hill area through community engagement, economic development and redevelopment projects.

Just a few months ago, $3 million from Cincinnati's Focus 52 fund went to the Price Hill neighborhood to help with a streetscape project along Price Avenue as part of a project designed to revamp the neighborhood's Incline Business District.

"This area really has sparked the rest of the community. This district, the Incline District has really sparked everybody else's minds saying, 'Hey, if they can do it, we can do it,'" said Dwight Young, who operates Bloc Coffee on Price Avenue.

But the area needs more money to keep efforts like that going. That's why Price Hill Will has turned to Amazon. They're hoping holiday shoppers will log on and sign up to support their efforts through the Amazon Smile initiative.

"We would like the neighborhood to be stronger, for there to be opportunity for everybody, for the housing to be great," said Pamela Taylor of Price Hill Will.

A few clicks and keystrokes will get you set up. After that, you can donate 0.5% of your total eligible purchases to help with those projects around the neighborhood.

"It's not a huge percentage, but every little bit helps," said Taylor.

Even though this is the first go-around for Price Hill Will using Amazon Smile and they don't know how much money they'll bring in, a little bit still goes a long way.

The group runs community gardens, festivals and celebrations, and much more.  It all takes money.

"We also do a lot of stuff that's really expensive like rehabbing houses and trying to help businesses," Taylor told FOX19.

Dwight Young opened Bloc Coffee Company on Price Avenue six years ago.  In that time, he's seen things change thanks to revitalization efforts going on throughout the community.

"Just walking up and down the street here, just a huge difference than it was six years ago, even two years ago," Young told FOX19.

Once you sign up, you can search for your favorite charity, including Price Hill Will.  There are other charities and non-profits around the Tri-State looking for help from this program, too.  To see them all, visit

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