Pre-K teacher sends letter to parents telling them their kids smell

Photo Courtesy of The Buffalo News
Photo Courtesy of The Buffalo News

Pre-K students in Buffalo, NY were sent home with a letter last week regarding the "unpleasant smell" of the kids.

Parents received an "urgent notice" hand-written from their child's pre-k teacher very forwardly telling them that the smells "make it difficult for me to be close to them or even want to touch them."  The teacher says that the issue is a daily occurrence and sent the letter out to every student's parent, not just specific children involved in the matter.

The letter, which was required to be signed by the parent and returned, has the Buffalo School Board taking action.  According to The Buffalo News, board members discussed the issue last week and unanimously agreed that the teacher handled the issue poorly and should be reprimanded.

"Everybody on the board was appalled by that, everybody," said board member James Sampson. "We're very concerned about what this communicates to little kids and to families."

Online reactions to the note have been mixed. Some people are in defense of the teacher, saying parents need to be accountable for the well-being of their children. Others say the teacher's handling of the situation was wrong and that she should been more sensitive when addressing the issue.

The teacher was not fired, but is no longer allowed to send home letters to parents that are not first approved by the school principal.

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