FOX19 Investigates: Weapons seized at CVG

FOX19 Investigates: Weapons seized at CVG

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - TSA officers at CVG have seized a strange menagerie of potential weapons that passengers were trying to sneak through security, FOX19 has learned.

There's the lipstick capsule that really has a knife blade inside.

There's the letter opener that's so long it could be used as a dagger.

And there's the stress relieving ball molded into the shape of a grenade.

"It is in fact a stress reliever," supervisory TSA officer Greg Lamb showed us. "But as someone says, it causes us stress because of its appearance both on X-ray and if somebody were to hold that in their hand, it looks realistic enough that it would cause alarm."

But that's nothing compared to what New York business traveler James Weir, who was at CVG this week, told us he'd seen once at an airport overseas.

"Oh gosh!" he said. "I think the strangest thing I saw was somebody had a pelican that they were trying to bring through security at one point. Yeah, that was a little bit strange."

More serious are the seven firearms TSA officers at CVG have confiscated so far this year. Last year and in 2011, they confiscated six firearms each year.

"We are often told from the general public when they come through CVG that our X-ray operators pick-up on things that others don't," said Lamb.

Good news for those of us who fly through CVG. But it makes you wonder about those other American airports we travel through, doesn't it?

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