For some families, waiting in line is a holiday tradition

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's now being called Brown Thursday, as Thanksgiving Day is taking over the infamous Black Friday.

In advance of the big holiday sales, people are starting to camp out around the Tri-State to get the best deals they can.

"We got here yesterday at 5 o'clock," said Kyle Bowen of Alexandria.

That's when Bowen and his crew pulled up in their bus-turned-campsite into the Best Buy parking lot in Florence on Tuesday, nearly 48 hours ahead of their doors opening for holiday shoppers.

"Coming out here and hanging out with everybody is kind of fun to have our close friends.  It's just kind of an experience, I guess," said Bowen.

The group on the bus are the first people in line, but it isn't their first time camping.

"This is the fifth year with the bus, but our seventh year. We used to sit in chairs and brave the cold," said Adam Bessler of Newport, who is one of four on the bus.

They're hardly roughing it while they're waiting for the doors to open.

"We don't go without. We have a TV on there. There's heaters, couches to sleep on. We can actually get on Best Buy's wi-fi so we have computers and things," Bessler added.

But, what about spending the holiday with family around a big table and a turkey? They've got that covered, too.

"We're going to buy some raw chicken or turkey, probably some vegetables, some starch, light up the grill, cook it and have a nice meal," Bowen told FOX19.

That's just how they like to spend the holiday because, for them, it's truly becoming a Thanksgiving tradition.

"This is how our Thanksgiving is going to be, probably for a while," said Bowen.

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