Several arrested in Avondale drug raid

AVONDALE, OH (FOX19) - Several individuals have been arrested following a drug raid in Avondale.

Cincinnati SWAT and several officers executed three search warrants on Friday afternoon at an apartment building at the corner of Rockdale and Burnet. Police say it's part of an ongoing effort to send a strong message that Avondale deserves better.

"It's really about the violence, the drug sales and really the one reason why this irks us a little bit more is it's so close to a school," says Captain Mike Neville.

Rockdale Academy is right next door to the apartment building where Captain Neville says drugs were easily available.

"We do know there has been drug sales, a variety of cocaine, heroin and marijuana that we have pulled out of there in the past," explains Neville, "and that's really the basis of what these search warrants are."

Police did find children inside two of the apartments they raided. Neville says many area residents have had enough.

"There's people that live in this building that walk around this stuff and want to avoid this stuff and really a lot of it is for them too because they come and that's what they have to deal with and they don't deserve that and that's really another piece of why we're doing what we're doing," says Neville.

Neville says one drug deal is too many.

"Is it a major concern of ours? Yes, it is," adds Neville. "Unfortunately some of this comes with the violence to go with it and we're trying to address those at the same time. I think we're doing a very good job trying to stabilize one building at a time."

Some of the suspects are known to be dangerous. The SWAT team was brought for safety. However, it sends a stronger message.

"It shows the presence of this is unacceptable. I think it puts out a message between them doing it as they do versus any other means to do," says Neville.

Police have not revealed exactly what was found during the raid or how many suspects were arrested. The charges will be primarily drug related.