It's Cyber Monday: Millions expected to shop online

HEBRON, KY (FOX19) - Black Friday has passed and millions now indulge in Cyber Monday, a way for consumers to find great online deals from the comfort of their home.

The term "Cyber Monday" was trademarked in 2005 when customers would shop at work because their office had faster Internet connection. That idea is now outdated because of faster Internet connection being available at home.

Millions are expected to indulge in online shopping today for Cyber Monday. Stores are offering dozens of deals and codes to purchase discounted items online.

Amazon is one of many companies offering deals online today. FOX19's Miranda Del Pozo gave us an inside look at the Hebron Amazon warehouse in Kentucky.

Thousands of Hebron employees are busy packing and shipping items to their destinations. Last year, Amazon customers order 26.5 million items worldwide. Del Pozo tells FOX19 that equals out to 306 items per second.

Electronics and toys are expected to be the hot items this year with Mattel and Fisher-Price offering 50% off their items. These deals will last all week.

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