Former Covington Finance Director pleads not guilty to 15 counts

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Former Covington Finance Director Bob Due has pleaded not guilty to 15 counts against him, after being accused of forging documents and stealing money form the city for 11 years.

The indictment, obtained by FOX19 not long after the grand jury handed it up in November, accuses Due of beginning to steal taxpayer money as early as January 2002, only about three years after starting the job. In the grand jury's words, "…the Defendant intentionally dealt with the public money or property as the Defendant's own, and failed to make the required payment or disposition; and the value of said money and/or property was in excess of $100,000..."

In fact, former colleagues tells FOX19 they believe he stole at least $600,000. The grand jury never goes into specific figures in the indictment.

The 15 counts against him mean that if a jury finds Due guilty at trial, a judge could sentence him to 85 years in prison.

Since being charged, Due has attempted to kill himself twice.

Due pleaded not guilty to similar charges in August.

He is scheduled back in court on January 13.

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