Judge Tracie Hunter passes out in court

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Embattled Hamilton County juvenile court judge Tracie Hunter is recovering after leaving the courtroom on Tuesday in an ambulance.

This is the second time this has happened in less than two weeks. Hunter suffered another medical episode on Nov. 22 during a court proceeding and taken to the hospital via ambulance.

Controversy is swirling around the backlog of cases in Judge Tracie Hunter's courtroom, and again her health is suffering.

"I know she's been under a tremendous level of stress," explains Bobby Hilton.

On Tuesday juvenile court personnel were served grand jury subpeonas in relation to Judge Hunter's conduct. Soon after she fainted.

Documents obtained by FOX19 show that Hunter has numerous cases that have been pending for more than 120 days, and she's accused of not acting on cases that involve foster care, child abuse, and custody. But those defending Hunter say she's not the only one.

"Did it begin when she was seated, or is this something that has been a problem well before her arrival?" asks Hilton.

Bishop Bobby Hilton is the local president of the National Action Network in Cincinnati. He's also a close friend of Hunters. He and Hunter's attorney say the docket of administrative juvenile court judge John Williams is also something to take note of.

"She had 79 cases out of time however the other juvenile court judge had 103 cases out of time for the same time period. Why wasn't he sued?" says Hilton.

The lawyer complaints allege that these delays may be putting children in Hamilton County at risk. Hilton stresses that Hunter has a heavier caseload than any other court in Ohio and certainly would never jeopardize our youth's future. Judge Hunter says she inherited the pending cases, which added to the backlog.

"Bring the investigation on, let some indictments come down. I have no fear about anything being done wrong in Hamilton County Judge Tracie Hunter's courtroom," says Hilton.

Hunter's lawyer says she has been dealing with some health issues but wouldn't elaborate on the specifics.

Hunter is supposed to be in Columbus for a judicial conference and doesn't have anything on her docket for the rest of the week.

No word yet on if she still plans to attend or remain in Cincinnati while she recovers.

Retired judge Thomas Lipps is now hearing the pending cases in Hamilton County juvenile court through January 2014.

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