Reports: Men offering sandwiches beat homeless man with cattle prod

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A homeless man has been reportedly beaten without cause after two men walked into a homeless camp in Queensgate offering free sandwiches.

The Homeless Coalition states that the incident happened on Monday evening at an unidentified homeless camp. Reports indicate that two men, claiming to be from the University of Cincinnati, walked into the camp offering sandwiches. The two men engaged in conversation with those in the camp.

As one of the residents of the camp got up to do something, he was followed by one of the men in question. The Homeless Coalition states that the man pulled out what appeared to be a cattle prod and began beating the man in the head.

As the victim pushed back, the coalition states that one of the other men living in the camp pulled out his phone. Upon seeing the phone, the two attackers fled the scene.

The Homeless Coalition says that the attack was not provoked and that it seems the men were specifically targeting homeless individuals.

The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition is asking anyone with information on the incident to contact police at 513-765-1212 or the Homeless Coalition at 513-716-7455.

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