Funding for Fairfield Schools fails, leaves school in the cold

A boiler at Central Elementary School in Fairfield. Provided by Fairfield City Schools.
A boiler at Central Elementary School in Fairfield. Provided by Fairfield City Schools.

BUTLER COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - A bond issue to provide additional funding for Fairfield Schools has officially failed. The Butler County Board of Elections finished the recount on Wednesday.

More than 13 thousand people voted, with the issue failing by a mere 31 votes.

Had it passed, it would have cost homeowners a little more than $91 thousand a year for each $100 thousand of property value.

It would have also generated more than $60 million for the school district. Some of the money would have been used to replace Central Elementary, the district's oldest school which opened in 1929.

Since late Tuesday, Central Elementary has been operating without heat due to a problem with the boiler. School officials say this is just the latest in a strong list of problems with the 84-year-old building. As cold weather approaches, the broken heating system has many concerned.

"At this point there is no heat," explains Carrie Gallow, Fairfield Elementary School Principle. "We are hoping by Friday that we will be able to have heat."

Parents are upset as well.

"Friday it's supposed to snow, and be cold, so if it's not fixed by Friday, it could be pretty darn chilly in there," explains Jill Arent.

Arent says she understands why voters might not want the tax increase. However, she explains how voting it down had far reaching effects.

"I would love for those people to look at the faces of the kids and say, I'm sorry, you're not worth it to me. I would love for that to happen," says Arent.

The school has been pretty proactive about this. Parents were alerted of the boiler problem from a voicemail system and faculty are asking children to dress warmly for school, just in case.

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