Reality Check: Obamacare, who's enrolling?

(FOX19) - According to the White House, the Obamacare website is finally running smoothly. However, two months after the launch of the exchanges, one question has yet to be answered: who's enrolling and who isn't?

On Tuesday, President Obama said he's confident that problems plaguing the troubled ACA website have been fixed.

Meanwhile, John Boehner held his own press conference Tuesday and according to the Speaker of the House, the problems with Obamacare go beyond

But who is signing up for Obamacare, or more specifically who's not signing up?

For young people (those people 35 and younger), according to the White House four in 10 people who enroll in the ACA need to be young and healthy or premiums could skyrocket.

So far, the White House hasn't released an exact count of how many young people have signed up. If the demographics released by states with their own exchanges mean anything, Obamacare could be in trouble.

One published report found that in four of those states -Connecticut, Washington, Maryland and Kentucky - approximately two in ten people who have enrolled are under the age of 35 while nearly four in ten are over 55.

The President has another problem: In October, just 26-thousand people signed up on the government web site. While November saw a big jump in enrollment, the White House is counting on 7 million signups by the end of March. So far they've reached less than 2 percent of that goal.

FOX-19 contacted Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius's office repeatedly by email to find out when the government plans on releasing that demographic information. HHS responded with the following brief dated November 13, 2013