Man snatches ring from Tiffany's store

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - One man has been arrested after snatching a ring from the hand of a Tiffany & Co. store clerk on Thursday and selling it within a matter of minutes at a pawn shop down the street.

Dewayne Shaw has been charged with robbery following the incident.

The theft was reported around 11:45 a.m. at the high-end jewelry store on Vine Street, which is adjacent to Fountain Square. Authorities say the Shaw asked to see some jewelry in the store and took off with a gold diamond ring.

Upon further investigation, police learned the Shaw entered the West End Loan store prior to the theft and tired to pawn items, "Earlier the guy tried come in and sell me some markers and some toy cars for $5 and I told him we couldn't do nothing. He left the store, and about 40 minutes later he came back and he had a ring," shop owner Gary Wagner told FOX19.

The store owner told FOX19 he suspected the ring was stolen. Valued at approximately $5,000, he says he offered the suspect less to try and get it back, "He kept saying it was worth $5,000 and  I knew it was stolen. So I tried to offer him $100 bucks, and I ended up offering him more just so I could get the ring because I just--well, I knew it was stolen. Just by he way he was acting." It sold for $175.

Cincinnati Police called West End Loan a short time later in an effort to track down the suspect and ring. He was eventually located and arrested about a half mile away in Over-the-Rhine at the Drop Inn Center.

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