A ride along with a snow plow

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Snow plows and salt trucks are out in force this evening trying to keep our roadways safe as a snow storm blankets the area.

At the Valleyview Complex in Camp Washington snow plows and salt trucks are in and out of the facility all day and all night. The drivers work 12 hour shifts.

Dean Long has been electrician for the city of Cincinnati for 13 years and when the snow begins to fall he says he drives a salt truck.

"The best part about this job is cleaning off these streets. Money's good too," explains Dean.

Dean normally works outdoors on traffic signals so he says driving a salt truck is a welcome change of pace. "I'm usually outside in the elements so it definitely is a lot better being in this nice warm truck."

Dean says driving a truck with up to four tons of salt in the bed can be hazardous.

"When it's bad out, you know, you got to be pretty cautious especially when you got the plows on," explains Dean.

Dean says driving with a nine-foot wide blade on the bumper doesn't leave a whole lot of room for error.

"You got plates in the street covered up, things like that. Sometimes you don't know they're there. You hit something like that, if you move it you end up in a hole," says Dean. "Going down streets that are pretty tight, you got a nine foot plow in front of you. You got to be pretty cautious on that so you're not taking off people's mirrors."

As Dean and his fellow drivers work to clear city streets there's something he like from area motorists. "Give us a little more courtesy when we're doing this, you know, everybody's in a hurry to get somewhere, you know, but we're out here trying to make the streets safe so they can get home to their families and to their place of work."

Five hours after laying down salt the snow accumulated enough where Long now had to attach the plow blade. The plows will continue to run until the streets are clear.

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