Ugandan missionaries experience their first NFL game

Ben Katko live from Paul Brown Stadium

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Sunday's win isn't just making the Bengals happy.  Fans are excited for the regular season to wind down while looking forward to clinching a playoff spot in the coming weeks.

Those fans braved the cold and snow to catch their beloved Bengals on Sunday afternoon.

"2008, 2009 is the last time we had a home playoff game.  I'd love to see one here, maybe make it all the way.  The Superbowl's going to be outside in the cold this year.  It's going to be a real good time, just like today.  We're a cold weather team," said Steve Tilford of Taylor Mill.

A lot of these fans are at Paul Brown Stadium faithfully every Sunday afternoon.  But, for at least on fan, Sunday's game was a first.

"This is my first NFL game.  It's been awesome to be here with the Bengals," said Dave Rogers, who attended his first Bengals game on Sunday.

Rogers and his wife, Amy, are missionaries in Uganda.  They're living in Fairfield right now with their kids for the school year.  On Sunday, they braved the snow, a sight they don't see in Uganda.  Dave is a pilot, and a converted 49ers fan.  Amy is a teacher, and a lifelong Bengals fan.

"We don't ever get to see football because it's Uganda.  It's a British colony.  We get to see soccer, but never football.  It's very exciting to be here," said Amy Rogers, who grew up in New Richmond.

But, there's no American football played there.  Rugby is as close as it gets.  But, they have friends interested in learning more about American culture, including sports.  In fact, they've already spread Sunday's experience across social media with their Ugandan friends.

"A lot of our friends in Uganda are already hearing about it.  It's awesome because they'll all begin to see and ask about it, and we get to show them what American football is," said Rogers.

They've got expectations just as high as the rest of the fans as this regular season is coming to close in a few weeks.

We asked one fan, "Is it a good time to be a Bengals fan?Tom Roenker of Bellevue exclaimed, "It's a great time to be a Bengals fan!  Who dey!"

The Rogers are also happy that, if the Bengals do make it to the Superbowl, they'll at least be here stateside to see it.

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