Package theft on the rise this holiday season

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The United States Postal Service estimates that 420 million packages will be delivered this holiday season.

The millions of packages left on door steps are prime opportunity for thieves.

No matter where you live, the brown box is a common sight around the holidays. Theft of these packages is on the rise.

"I'm sending a letter out today," explains Karen Dunn. "You know, that if you see a neighbor's package, put it out on front of their door."

Northern Kentucky property manager Karen Dunn says in the years she has managed condos, she's learned a few things about stolen packages.

"It doesn't even necessarily have to be your neighbors. It could be a visitor of your neighbors, and your neighbors aren't even aware of it," says Dunn.

Cincinnati Police say there are a few tricks to remember this holiday season.

"It's a crime of opportunity," says Tim Eppstein of the Cincinnati Police. "People see a package out, they think their might be something valuable in it, and they'll just pick it up."

Cincinnati Police say there are a few things you can do to prevent theft around the holidays:

-       Have the package delivered to work or held at the distribution center.

-       Require a signature for delivery.

-       Have a package placed away from the front door or street.

-       As a trusted neighbor for help.

"If it's worth more than a thousand, it's a felony," explains Eppstein. "If its less than that, it's a misdemeanor."

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