Voting Controversy

With 21 days till the election there's already a ballot counting controversy in the Tri-State. Should voters who show up to the wrong polling place be allowed to cast a standby ballot?

Folks at the Board of Elections say provisional ballots are intended for folks who've moved to new precincts but forgot to update their address. Polling officials think there will be at least 16, 000 of these votes---votes that won't be counted for days after November 2nd. Meanwhile in the past, a voter who simply made a mistake and showed up to the wrong polling place has been given a provisional ballot too.

In 2000 there were 300 of them in Hamilton County. "This year we're being told we can't do that we have to disqualify all of their votes entirely," said Tim Burke, Co-chair of the Democratic Party. Democrat Tim Burke says they counted then, they should count now, it's an argument being heard in Federal Court. "Across the state of Ohio you could be talking about 7000 voters being disenfranchised because of ruling by the secretary of states office," said Burke. "I don't really see what the aggravation on the other side is.

Most people know where they live if they know where they live they should know where they vote. If they're confused on election day our precinct workers will tell them where they're supposed to vote," said Republican Mike Barrett. Meanwhile Republicans say allowing people to vote outside of their precinct will create more confusion and open the door to fraud.