Candidates Prepping For Debate Tomorrow

Kerry prepping for tomorrow's debate

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has no scheduled public appearances today. He's devoting the day to preparation for tomorrow's third and final debate with President Bush. The debate at Arizona State University will focus on domestic issues and yesterday, Kerry honed in on one of them -- energy. Kerry told an audience in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the president has promised less dependence on foreign oil but has not delivered. Kerry also claims that the president's policies in Iraq have actually boosted the price Americans pay at the pump.

While, President Bush stumps in Colorado and Arizona today as he prepares for tomorrow night's final campaign debate. The president has a rally in Colorado Springs and GOP fund-raiser in the Phoenix area before he settles in for the debate at Arizona State University. Even though the contest will center on domestic policy, Bush has used the lead-in for it to attack Kerry on terrorism. He says an interview in The New York Times Magazine shows Kerry "fundamentally misunderstands" the terror threat. In the interview, Kerry said he hopes terrorism can be reduced to where it's a "nuisance", not an all-consuming worry.

But Bush says terrorists must be defeated -- using the full range of US power. Kerry aides say it's another case of Bush taking the senator's words out of context -- and then twisting them.