15,000 injured by holiday decorations

CINCINNATI (FOX19/CNN) - Holiday decorations are lighting-up neighborhoods across the Tri-State. But there's an ugly side: 15,000 people across the country were injured by decorations during last year's holiday season alone.

The most common ways people get hurt: Falls from ladders, cuts and lacerations, and back strains.

Also, Christmas trees easily catch fire if they're too dry. They can ignite within seconds, according to demonstrations performed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How do you tell if your tree is healthy and not a fire risk?

"The needles should not easily detach" when you run your fingers along them, said CPSC spokeswoman Kim Dulic. "They should be able to bend between your fingers. And when you bring that fresh tree home, make sure you keep it well-watered and away from heat sources."

In addition, before you go to bed, don't forget to blow-out any holiday candles you have burning.

Meanwhile, both indoor and outdoor lights and wiring should be checked before you "deck the halls" --- as well as periodically during the season. Plus, bright and shiny objects can be magnets for young children and pets. So make sure small decorations that can be swallowed, or glass ornaments that can shatter, are out of reach.

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