Cincinnati Public Schools open despite weather

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - As the snow began to fall Tuesday morning, frustration settled in for many parents of students in the Cincinnati Public School system.

CPS was one of the many schools that decided to stay open.

"I saw a bunch of parents in my Facebook saying that their busses weren't there, that they were going to be late or they weren't going to send them," explains Heather Hernandez.

Hernandez wasn't the only parent asking questions. FOX19 received several calls from people confused and upset that CPS decided to remain open.

"The other day, it wasn't as bad, and they had a snow day, and today they had to come here," says Hernandez.

Going to school did cause a few problems, including long waits at CPS bus stops. School district administrators say only 63 percent of yellow buses for CPS were on time by 30 minutes. Administrators say that 37 percent of buses were late by 45 minutes to over an hour.

These delays meant many kids waiting for buses a long time in the cold.

School District spokeswoman Christine Wolff would not comment on camera. However, she did give a statement over the phone stating:

"We apologize that this happened. It is not what we planned for. Cincinnati weather changes so quickly."

Not every parent spent the day mad.

"I'm sure my kids are a little bit disappointed that they didn't get a snow day, but we made it to and from two schools this morning with no issues," explains Beth Greiner.

The school district also plans to look over their process about calling off school for weather in the next few days. One of the major issues includes having to make decisions about school delays and cancellations so early – often times before 6 a.m.

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