Contract services end between Hamilton Twp. Sheriff's Office and Colerain Twp.

(FOX19) - A contract for services between the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and Colerain Township is no more.

Six deputies dedicated to patrolling the township under the contract will now be reassigned.

The decision came during a trustees meeting in Colerain Township on Tuesday.

Township officials say the relationship between the two has become "strained." By canceling this contract, it comes as a hit of $376,000 to the Sheriff's Office. It's a 25-year relationship that will end January 12, 2014.

"I think it would be a huge mistake. We really need the police presence in Colerain Township," said Pam Turner who lives in Colerain Township.

But, that's not the same sentiment from township leaders.

"Yes, I think it's the right decision. The morale, and the challenges with the relationship is running very high within our police department. I don't need that distraction. I need our police department focusing on doing the right thing every day," said James Rowan, township administrator.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil was at the meeting Tuesday evening, watching the trustees vote 3-0 to kill the agreement.

"I'm responsible for the people of Hamilton County, including the people of Colerain Township.  These trustees are responsible for the people of Colerain. What they're doing they feel is right for the people," said Sheriff Neil.

Under the agreement, six deputies were dedicated to patrolling the Colerain area.

What happens to them?

"The officers aren't going away. They'll be repurposed. Those deputies will be reassigned," Neil told FOX19.

Because of the Sheriff's Office jurisdiction, they could still patrol the Colerain area, but will no longer have a dedicated deputy presence in that area.

But, by scrapping their help, the township sees savings of $376,000. With that money, their plans are to hire more officers.

"We're hiring four full-time, and four part-time reserve officers to replace the loss of six deputies. That's going to cost us approximately $372,000," Rowan told FOX19.

As for the reserve officers that will be hired to replace the six deputies lost by canceling this agreement, Rowan says Colerain Township will officially hire them in January.

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