Local students tweeting about Adderall

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Adderall, a drug often used to treat ADHD, is now a major study aid for college kids in the middle of an exam cram.

"People that had prescriptions for Adderall or Ritalin or whatever they called it would be like, hey can I sell you some just make some money or to help their friends out," said Jake Stevinson, a UC student who often heard about Adderall while living in the dorms.

The drug is known for "helping" people focus, and many college kids use it to get an exam boost.

"They haven't been paying attention for the whole semester and they think, oh if I just study for tonight, I can learn all the course work in just one night so they think if I take this, it can help me," said Stevinson.

College kids aren't just using it, they are tweeting about it. FOX19 found almost 80 tweets from local and regional students, all of the praising Adderall for helping them get to the end of the semester.

"They just don't realize what they are talking about. And they just--they don't think it's a big deal, I guess," said one student we spoke with about the tweets.

Health officials say, make no mistake that Adderall can be dangerous.

"You're thinking about their cardiovascular system, you're thinking about their brain function, and then you think about maybe them driving a car somewhere, and this is a very dangerous situation where people are using this in a non prescribed manner," said Dr. Charles Collins.

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