Water main break leads to home evacuations in Covington

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Early Friday morning, four homes along Caroline Avenue were impacted by a water main break, instability of a retaining wall, and a broken gas line.

At this time it is not known which event occurred first. The wall has been stabilized and the water and the gas have been turned off. The root cause of the damage has not yet been confirmed.

The City of Covington and the Northern Kentucky Water District are working with contractors to identify the cost of surveying the site to identify the cause of the damage.

Covington Fire Department has contacted a company to assist homeowners to winterize the homes to prevent further damage during the cold weather. Future stabilization measures are being considered at this time.

The impacted addresses are 3405 - 3411 Caroline Avenue. The occupants of the homes have been aided by the Red Cross and will be provided with assistance through Monday.

It will likely be several weeks before the hillside is more permanently stabilized and authorities say replacement of the retaining wall could be several hundred thousand dollars.

Because of the ongoing road construction, Caroline Avenue was already closed to through traffic. Emergency access was still available.

The detour for construction is via Winston Avenue and 34thand 36thStreet. Caroline Avenue will remain open to emergency responders.

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